Finance Office

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) ensures the financial stability of the County by managing all financial functions in an efficient, cost-effective and responsive manner. The CFO oversees the long range strategic financial planning, public finance, budget, labor relations, risk management, corporate business planning, corporate purchasing and real estate support. The CFO provides departments and the public with timely information to assure financial accuracy, accountability and justification.

  • Budget & Finance: The County Budget & Finance Office oversees the preparation and monitoring of the County’s budget and long-range Strategic Financial Plan and manages the County’s public debt program which is designed to access funds for the construction and acquisition of public facilities and the implementation of programs targeted for the well-being of the community. In addition, the division performs special studies and participates in working groups to assist the CEO and County departments with special projects. 
  • Procurement: The Procurement Office is responsible for overseeing the County’s procurement organization that includes over 200 Deputy Purchasing Agents stationed throughout all agencies & departments.  
  • Risk Management: The Office of Risk Management preserves and protects the human and capital assets of the County of Orange to allow departments and agencies to meet their missions without unnecessary cost.



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