Continuum of Care General Membership

Membership to the Orange County Continuum of Care (CoC) is open to all organizations and individuals seeking to prevent and end homelessness in Orange County. CoC General Membership is achieved by submitting an application to be added to the CoC and a commitment to actively participate in the responsibilities of the CoC. As voting privileges in the CoC, including the Board elections, are contingent upon membership, organizations and individuals interested in having an active role in the CoC are strongly encouraged to apply for membership.  There are two types of memberships: organizational and individual.

  • Organizational Members:
    1. May designate up to three (3) persons annually who are authorized to represent the organization.
    2. An authorized representative must have sufficient authority to speak and vote on behalf of the organization.
    3. An organizational representative may represent only one organization.
    4. Each organization holds only one vote.
  • Individual Members:
    1. May not designate additional persons to represent them.
    2. Individuals who have a recognized role in a member organization (such as employees, board members, consultants, or current service recipients) may become individual members but may not vote.
    3. Individuals with formal organizational affiliations such as those noted above may be selected to represent the organization with which they are affiliated.

Completed CoC General Membership application can be emailed to


CoC Membership Forms