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Disabling Condition Form

Disabling Condition Form (English/ Spanish/ Vietnamese)

Self-Certification Form

Self-Certification Form (English/ Spanish/ Vietnamese

Third Party Certification Form

Third Party Certification Form (English/ Spanish/ Vietnamese

Housing Documents

 Housing Documents

CES Authorization Form

CES Authorization Form (English/ Spanish/ Vietnamese)  

CES Agency Agreement Form

CES Agency Agreement Form

Permanent Housing Opportunities

Permanent Housing Opportunities 

At-Risk of Homelessness Certification

At-Risk of Homelessness Certification (English/ Spanish/ Vietnamese


 CES Referral Standards

PHA Universal

Public Housing Authority (PHA) Universal Application Training

Public Housing Authority (PHA) Universal Frequently Asked Questions

CES Flyer

CES Flyer

HMIS Resource

If you would like to get more technical support on the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) please visit the OC HMIS Help Desk Knowledge Base

CES HUD Guidance

For more information on CES, please visit the Coordinated Entry Community Sample Toolkit.


  • FAQ 2782 (July 2016) For many person experiencing homelessness, obtaining the required third-party documentation can often take a long period of time. Are recipients of PSH required to have all third-party documentation at the point of intake and enrollment of a program participation into a project?
  • FAQ 2756 (April 2016) What are acceptable forms of third-party documentation for documenting an individual or head of household's history of residing in a place not meant for human habitation, emergency shelter, or safe haven?
  • FAQ 520 (April 2013) Is an individual or family that is receiving Rapid Re-housing Assistance considered chronically homeless for purposes of remaining eligible for permanent housing placements dedicated to serving the chronically homeless?

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